Steve Cadigan

Keynote Speaker

As a leader in the talent field, Steve Cadigan has dedicated his life to understanding the future of work and its implications for professionals and organizations. He has concluded that the future of work is exciting, but it will require a significant rethinking of the employer-employee relationship and a whole new understanding of what a "career" means and looks like.

  • Recognized for having scaled the LinkedIn operation from 400 to 4,000 employees in 3.5 years
  • Led the development of LinkedIn's legendary company culture and led the Talent area during its highest growth period and during its Initial Public Offering
  • He is an expert on how to compete for talent and win against more attractive brands with bigger budgets and higher salaries.
  • Addresses how organizations must rethink how they attract and seek to retain top talent
  • Author of Workquake: Embracing the aftermath of COVID-19 to create a better model of work