Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo

Keynote Speaker

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo is one of the most brilliant Spanish politicians, journalists and intellectuals of her generation. As a journalist, she has been noted for her intelligent political analyses, her incisive interviews with great political figures and intellectuals of our time. But it is in politics where the figure of Cayetana has caused the greatest impact. Deputy first for Madrid for two legislatures and from April 2019 for Barcelona, she was Spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress until August 2020.

Her vigorous leadership in the face of populism and nationalism, her bold denunciation of the evils of contemporary politics, her brilliant defense of modern Enlightenment values and her bid for democratic regeneration have won him followers beyond his party and his country. An extraordinary speaker, her parliamentary interventions and speeches have gone viral in Spain and Latin America.